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SELECTED LEAVINGS coming 2021 through Cactus Press


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It’s melodrama, I know, but show me other thoughts than us wandering up Mont Royal, carrying on, rambling, feet tripping over pebbles and pith, heads drifting.


EVENT 49/1

How can my collapsing earth be something that I put my hope in – there is no hope in premature death, just a slammed door, a sentence cut halfway through, a phantom limb.

Porch Sessions

Blank Spaces March 2019

Could I adjust to the dying? There is an earth, too / to let go. This is no discussion of my death, yet, no / arranging of wills, rites read, no viewing rooms / hearses, clergy, carnations, heaven, none of that.

Alberta Girl

Savant Garde Issue 2

Mid-July: / the fourth fruits of the sky

drip down towards earth / a filmy gloss greening the surface / of what we know.

Fourth Fruits

Resurrection Magazine

i could not circle back / to the suburbs we made love / that ground between three rivers / where the Mauricie drains / the Mauricie pools, eddies / Mauricie pours hellbent / into the Saint Laurent now bound / by loneliness–

Between Three Rivers

Savant Garde Issue 2

I blink, seventeen and alone... / I have loved too– / I was loved. I have love, only it / disappears when I open my eyes.


Brave Voices




It seems that the older I get, the further east I move. I grew up in Langley, British Columbia, spent most of my young adult life in and around Edmonton, Alberta, and currently reside in Montreal, Quebec, where I teach and write. One day I may move to France– who knows.

I can most often be found

blasting early 2000s pop music, reading, rock climbing, or laughing at my sister's dumb jokes.  

I have a special passion for helping young writers develop their confidence and their craft, and supported several aspiring authors in realizing their literary goals.



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